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The Mountain Maid™ trademark is the result of a contest conducted in 2000 at TVS in preparation for packaging nonfat dry milk for the United States Department of Agriculture

Twenty entries were submitted by TVS personnel for voting that included such names as "Blue Ridge Milk", "Carolina Mountains Milk", among others.  "Mountain Maid™" was the eventual winner of the vote as it was symbolic of the western North Carolina mountains and culture, and it could be used for other food products in the future.  After all the votes were counted, TVS registered Mountain Maid™ as our trademark.

Although the trademark has undergone some cosmetic changes over the years, the quality of our products produced under this trademark has never wavered.

We are proud of our Mountain Maid™ heritage!

Mountain Maid™ Bakery Mix Recipes
Bakery Mix Recipes Instant Nonfat Dry Milk Recipes

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We think you will see why so many of our customers are finding Mountain Maid™ products a great choice for their food distribution network!

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