TVS History

TVS is not-for-profit 501©3 organization dedicated to helping adults with disabilities thrive through work and social engagement. Since 1967, we have provided quality employment, job training and residential & community services to more than 5000 individuals with barriers to employment in our Western North Carolina community. 

The Short Story

In 2001, TVS established a food manufacturing facility to offer a consistent source of job opportunities. Since then, the TVS Manufacturing Services division has produced more than 200 million pounds of dry food and beverage products for the U.S. government. It has also cultivated dozens of partnerships to fulfill commercial customers’ various blending and packaging needs in the dry food & beverage and dietary supplements industries. The People Services division helps adults with disabilities find and retain meaningful employment within our facility and local businesses, in addition to consistent and constructive community engagement.

TVS’s 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Brevard, NC employs 150 outstanding individuals, all of whom had a hand in the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce’s recognition of TVS as the 2016 Business of the Year.

The Longer Story

With more than 50 years of service under our belt, we’ve enjoyed hundreds of memorable transitions and achievements. What follows are some highlights.

TVS was originally established in 1967 by the Brevard Jaycees as a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. For more than 30 years, TVS provided support services and employment for hundreds of people, offering a warm welcome to individuals who may have encountered obstacles to inclusion in the sense of community, which Brevard/Transylvania County prides itself on.

TVS’s dry food manufacturing services hales back to 2001, when the USDA awarded TVS its first contract to package and distribute items for U.S. domestic feeding programs, including powdered milk and bakery mix. These products were the inaugural goods for our Mountain Maid™ brand, now dispensed across the country, helping to nourish Americans in need.

In 2009, TVS reached a great milestone by having packaged 100 million pounds of instant non-fat powdered milk for the USDA. TVS and the USDA maintain a strong relationship that is bolstered by TVS’ consistent commitment to quality and the USDA’s generous recognition of our team’s hard work. For example, TVS has a 99.5% on-time delivery rate, while several agencies within the USDA have recognized TVS with five AbilityOne Contractor of the Year Awards – one per year in 2005, 2007, and 2010, and two in 2017.

In 2010, TVS began assisting in the development of SuperCereal Plus (“SC+”) for USAID in order to provide sustenance for famished children, ages 6 months to 2 years. This special formulation sustains their life for up to 2 years, even if it is the only food they consume. Today, TVS manufactures the SC+ that is distributed worldwide through USAID and the World Food Program to food insecure regions of Africa.

With the encouragement of the USDA and the Department of Defense, TVS has greatly expanded its line over the last decade to meet the U.S. Government’s growing demand for our now 21 Mountain Maid brand products, the most recent being 4 varieties of nuts destined for overseas troop feeding.

Simultaneously, TVS spread its wings into the private sector, securing contract manufacturing relationships within non-governmental companies in the dry food & beverage and dietary supplements categories. TVS installed a broad and useful range of blending, filling and packaging systems to address the diverse needs of commercial customers, from emerging brands to leaders in their categories.

In addition to the large-scale manufacturing operations, TVS operates a smaller-scale custom kitting and fulfillment services division that engages clients from Transylvania County’s Vocational Rehabilitation program. These projects are often the most interesting and engaging, if not fun, for employees. They include assembling fly fishing kits, as well as constructing “beer bling” for our next-door neighbor, the nationally recognized Oskar Blues Brewery, located within our own facility’s industrial park.

Over these many decades, TVS has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and service-oriented food contract manufacturers in the Southeast. As such, we now have a long and ever-growing list of services such as sourcing, fulfillment and logistics related to satisfying our commercial contracts.