Manufacturing Services

The TVS Manufacturing Division specializes in blending, filling and packaging of dry food and beverage products and dietary supplements.  We have a long history of delivering excellence.  TVS is a major supplier to U.S. Government agencies including the USDA, USAID, and the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support. We have also fulfilled hundreds of commercial contracts with customers ranging from emerging brands to well-known international food companies.  All our contracts receive the highest level of quality accommodation and exceptional customer service. In fact, we maintain a 99.5% successful delivery rate with the USDA over the course of an almost 20-year engagement!

We believe that the most important value of our successful manufacturing operation is that it provides employment for a significant number of adults with disabilities or other barriers to employment. We are proud that our inclusive direct labor workforce is typically 75% comprised of individuals with a qualified disability. Steady employment with a supportive and thoughtful team of co-workers results in high retention rates and employee satisfaction. 

A New Name for a Trusted Business

In mid-2017 TVS gave a special name and identity to our commercial manufacturing division, launching Cermount™. We did this to provide a more concise starting point to discuss our capabilities. Sometimes, in this competitive industry, serving up our mission first can distract potential partners from their bottom line. We understand that most companies’ immediate needs focus on quality, capability, pricing and delivery. Our new cermount logobrand has created a new platform where our capabilities and core competencies can shine on their own – leaving our mission for “dessert.” Cermount has served well in generating faster customer connection and fostering early interest.

If you are seeking a top quality contract manufacturer for your dry click here to discover more about our manufacturing capabilities www.cermount.com

Examples of Product Categories

  • Baking mixes
  • Instant dry milk
  • Whey protein formulas
  • Superfood powders
  • Granola & other cereals
  • Nuts & trail mixes
  • Rice & grains
  • Dietary supplement capsules and tablets
Types of Packaging We Fill

  • Stand-Up pouches (SUP)
  • Pillow style pouches
  • Pouch-in-Box
  • Rigid plastic canisters
  • Plastic & glass supplement bottles
  • Wide mouth glass jars

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