Our Brands

Here is a snapshot of the TVS family tree, with a brief explanation of the brands that evolved from our organization and have taken on identities of their own.

Transylvania Vocational Services

This is our inaugural name, the brand known locally and internationally since 1967, and frequently shortened to TVS.


Although the founders of Transylvania Vocational Services envisioned a locally focused mission, the organization’s impact quickly reached beyond the borders of our beautiful Transylvania County in Western North Carolina. As we ventured into food manufacturing, shipping products all over the world for the United States military and food assistance programs, TVS became the natural shorthand for Transylvania Vocational Services, an 11-syllable mouthful with a rather amusing reference to vampires.

In 2017, Transylvania Vocational Services celebrated its 50th anniversary with a contemporary update to its logo by selecting three special words to reflect our guiding principles. Giving the abbreviation a double meaning, the phrase “Trust. Value. Serve.” now accompanies TVS on our emblem.


Cermount is the newest addition to the TVS family tree. Launched in mid-2017, it differentiates the Commercial Contract Manufacturing Services from the People Services aspect of what we do.

The unique, trademarked word Cermount is an intentional twist on the word “surmount” – an homage to our clients and team members who have chosen to surmount life’s obstacles and pursue a fulfilling path. The visual elements not only reflect our firm roots in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, but also celebrate the journeys we all take as we navigate this life – not always quite straight, typically climbing beyond our view, and usually full of unexpected peaks and valleys. The tagline, “Certified Quality. Trusted Service.” reflects our values and what we are committed to delivering for our contract manufacturing customers, day in and day out.

Mountain Maid

Mountain Maid is our “house brand” of dry foods and beverages produced for the US Government. It reflects the heritage of the amazing production associates at our facility in the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Brevard. They work tirelessly to deliver quality products, on-time every-time, to American troops overseas through the Defense Logistics Agency, and to those in need through domestic and international food assistance organizations through USDA. The Mountain Maid product portfolio includes instant non-fat dry milk, pancake & waffle mixes, biscuits, a variety of cake, brownie and roll mixes, and domestically sourced almonds and walnuts.

“Every scratch-made biscuit enjoyed by a US service member overseas is prepared from Mountain Maid bakery mix.”

“Every scratch-made biscuit enjoyed by a US service member overseas is prepared from Mountain Maid bakery mix.”